Turkey’s TIKA helps defend wildlife in Peru

The Turkish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (TIKA) is committed to helping protect biodiversity in Peru. TIKA supported the construction of a veterinary clinic in Iquitos to treat endangered wildlife and illegal trade. In cooperation with the Amazon Rescue Center (CREA), TIKA started the project in Iquitos, part of the Peruvian Amazon, the great tropical jungle of South America.

“CREA, a foundation that provides inter-agency support for the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of aquatic mammal and endangered wildlife specimens, has unveiled this project to complement its work in rescuing injured or orphaned wildlife and increasing the release and success be monitoring these animals in their habitats in the Amazon rainforests, “the statement said.

“As director of the Amazon Rescue Center, I would like to express my deepest thanks to the Republic of Turkey for their valuable support of the conservation efforts of threatened species in the Peruvian jungle by building a veterinary clinic and the corresponding equipment,” said Javier Velasquez Varela, Director of CREA. “As a rescue center, we’ve worked hard for 13 years to rehabilitate victims of the wildlife trafficking, and this donation will go a long way toward improving our work for the benefit of hundreds of endangered species,” added Varela. “This project is a complement to CREA’s environmental education program, which originally focused on manatee protection, and which trained more than 300,000 Amazonian children on manatee conservation and natural resources in general in order to raise environmental awareness and respect for the Amazon, “said Varela.” Every year around 30,000 people visit the region and it is classified as one of the main tourist destinations in the city of Iquitos and is part of the ‘Biodiversity Route’ of the Peruvian Ministry of Tourism and Foreign Affairs “, it says in the statement added.

“It is expected that with the construction of the clinic as well as a food preparation area and a warehouse in the rescue center, the treatment of diseases and rehabilitation measures for aquatic mammals and endangered wild animals in the Peruvian Amazon will continue to be guaranteed. In this way they contribute to the preservation of biological diversity, its natural Populations and reduce illegal trade, “the official statement said.

The state aid organization of Turkey runs worldwide aid programs to help people regardless of religion, ethnicity or gender. The main task of TIKA is to implement the policy of Turkish development cooperation abroad. “TIKA focuses on development cooperation and works in more than 150 countries, including those where their offices are located,” the agency’s website says.

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