The outdated man kissed his granddaughter (9) in the identical mattress the place his spouse slept ?!

Nov 22, 2021

HORROR IN LOZNICA: An old man kissed his granddaughter (9) in the same bed where his wife slept ?!

A man MS (70) from Loznica was arrested on suspicion of kissing a girl of only nine years old in the same bed in which his wife slept!

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To make the case even more monstrous, the arrested MS is the grandfather-uncle of the girl because his wife was the aunt of the child’s mother, Alo finds out!

According to unofficial information, it is suspected that the horrible abuse lasted for a year, and the suspect was handcuffed after a change in the behavior of the nine-year-old was noticed and after she told her mother what was happening to her.

– The girl is from a village near Loznica, and she often came to the suspect’s house. No one could even dream that something bad could happen, because he is going to the house of his close relatives. The suspect’s wife is the aunt of the girl’s mother. She came to her family, and the suspect took advantage of that – states a source close to the investigation and reveals the most frightening details:


– MS lived in the house only with his wife because they did not have children. The girl often came to them and even slept in the same bed. It is suspected that MS abused the girl in bed while his wife was sleeping. He touched the unfortunate child – the interlocutor claims.

As Alo finds out, a change in the girl’s behavior has been noticed lately when she was supposed to go to them.

– The girl was strange and nervous every time she went to them next time. The parents noticed that and asked the relatives what was happening, so that the suspect would once say that he slapped the girl because she was not listening, so it is possible that she was scared. However, the last time the mother noticed that the girl had bloody marks on her underwear, after which she told her mother what her cousin was doing. The mother immediately called the police. She could not believe that her grandfather-uncle did that – our interlocutor claims.


According to the girl’s story, it is suspected that the horrible harassment lasted for a year. He follows an expert examination and examination of witnesses in order to determine the circumstances of the horrific case.

MS is charged with the crime of adultery against a child, and due to the sensitivity of the case, no other details are known.

A girl is awaiting a medical examination

The judge for the previous procedure of the Higher Court in Šabac accepted the proposal of the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office and ordered MS detention for up to 30 days. – Psychologists and pedagogues will talk to the child, and he should be examined by a doctor. A lot of that is secret for now because of the protection of the minor child – the interlocutor claims.


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