There needs to be short-term ache to get the place Irish soccer must go

Keith Andrews insists he never envisioned Stephen Kenny’s first full campaign as a trial run for Euro 2024 qualifiers.

Since Andrews and his former U21 boss Kenny rose to the senior post, Ireland have only won once in 16 games, the test victory against Andorra in June.

After four games of the World Cup season, Kenny decided on the eve of Serbia’s visit to Aviva Stadium earlier this month to announce that he would focus on developing a young squad for the next series.

The qualification for the 2024 euro does not begin until March 2013, eight months after the expiration of Kenny’s contract with the FAI.

He has the remaining three qualifiers over the next seven weeks – plus a friendly against Qatar on October 12 – to improve his standing for a job evaluation that FAI boss Jonathan Hill will conduct with his board of directors after the final qualifying round in Luxembourg 11/14

Ireland have to bridge four points behind Luxembourg to finish third in Group A.

Andrews had held back on the senior ticket since joining Kenny but felt compelled to convey his views amid the criticism Away from the ballat Tuesday evening.

When asked whether the master plan included this World Cup campaign as a trial period for players, he was emphatic. “No would be the answer shortly,” he said.

Matt Doherty (left) and Jayson Molumby of the Republic of Ireland look dejected during a 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier. Image: Niall Carson

“To go into where I think Stephen is from, this is not a short-term view.

“We have come to a crossroads in Irish football, with what has happened in this (FAI) building over the past few years, we are on the path to recovery in the background.

“And as for the actual pitch, the soccer team, the players and the organization, I think a really short-term view would only get you this far.

“I felt like there had to be a bit of pain in the short term to get where we needed to go.

“Does that mean we went into this campaign thinking we’d be comfortable sitting third, fourth, or fifth on the table? Obviously not, but I think it gives a bigger overview and Stephen deserves credit for looking long. ” -Expression.

“He’s a visionary, a romantic when it comes to Irish football and where he thinks he should be seen. And I very much agree. “

Andrews expressed frustration at the inconsistency of performances, a common danger when relying on inexperienced players still trying to prove themselves at the club and international levels.

So on September 1st in Faro against Portugal a polished performance followed, of which they ultimately didn’t notice, a flat one against Azerbaijan.

Ireland needed a late equalizer to steal the first point of the season, a trick they repeated three days later against a dominating Serbian side. Overall, the former Ireland admitted the results were worse than expected.

Irish Jeff Hendrick and Shane Duffy were dejected after Sergej Milinković-Savić scored for Serbia.  Image: INPHO / James CrombieIrish Jeff Hendrick and Shane Duffy were dejected after Sergej Milinković-Savić scored for Serbia. Image: INPHO / James Crombie

“If you look at some of these players who have joined the squad in the last 12 months or so, it has not been easy for some of them,” he added.

“Some of them performed very well, followed by less good ones.

“We also launched a data company, and it’s all performance related. It is used by Paris Saint-Germain and the best European teams around Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and how to win games. There is a direct correlation between these KPIs and sweepstakes. And with certain results we should have won.

“When we look at the data and see the game through our eyes, we feel like we should have won certain games. That obviously didn’t happen. They are the hardest to take.

“Yes, (the results are worse than I expected). You can’t escape that. “

Kenny unveiled his Irish squad for the upcoming games against Azerbaijan and Qatar on Thursday.

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