The Workplace for Kosovo and Metohija laid the muse stone for the kindergarten in Gorazdevac! /PHOTO/

Construction is expected to be completed in the spring of next year.

The cornerstone was laid by the Assistant Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Jelena Stojković, together with the Bishop of Raska-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija, Teodosije, and the President of the Provisional Authority of the Municipality of Peja, Miloš Dimitrijević.

Stojković congratulated the president of the municipality, the bishop and all the families, stating that the cornerstone that was laid today symbolizes progress, a better life and youth.

Bishop Teodosije pointed out that the diocese, together with its state, is trying to contribute to the survival and life in Kosovo and Metohija.

We are renovating churches, we are renovating homes, today the cornerstone has been laid here for the kindergarten, for the youngest. It is a sign that children will be born here, that this village will be renewed and that in the future we will be what we are now and what we were. – said the bishop.

Office for Kosovo and Metohija

Milos Dimitrijevic said that we must support life so that we can survive in this area.

Having the church and the state of Serbia with us is a great blessing and our people who live here should be aware of how important this is for our further struggle and the life of all of us. – said Dimitrijevic.

Given that this is a returnee place, that apart from the school, where the preparatory preschool program is conducted, there are no other facilities that would meet the needs of an increasing number of residents and an increasing number of children, the Government of Serbia has allocated funds through the Office for Kosovo and Metohija for the construction of this kindergarten.

The kindergarten will have two accommodation units, for a nursery group and a group of children from two to seven years old. The works are financed by the Government of Serbia through the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, and the total value of the project is 36 million dinars.

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