Well being care begins with prevention

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Health care begins with prevention

Diseases are never pleasant, and the challenges brought by the Kovid 19 pandemic have shown that health care is an imperative of the times in which we live. Therefore, having a voluntary health insurance policy is one of the most important decisions that allows the availability of prompt and valid treatment, and nowadays to meet the needs of all who want to be relieved of additional financial worries in case of illness.

In the already burdened health care system, more and more citizens are opting for voluntary health insurance policies and services from the private health system, in order to ensure the availability of modern treatment methods in a short period of time, with the freedom to choose a health institution and cover treatment costs.

The company “Dunav osiguranje”, with the possibility of treatment according to individual needs, has adapted its services of voluntary health insurance to pandemic circumstances.

Thus, in addition to the standard coverage that these policies include, all those medical services are provided that will facilitate the diagnosis of the disease in a situation when kovid is suspected: the right to a first examination, laboratory tests (KKS, LHD, CRP, D-dimer,), X-ray a lung scan, as well as any diagnostic procedures deemed necessary by the physician, including a PCR test, as the most reliable method of establishing a diagnosis of kovid 19.

The treatment of this disease itself is not covered by voluntary health insurance policies, but the insured still has the opportunity to use all other health services that are needed, and which are not related to the coronavirus.

In order to provide additional health care, the health insurance policy can also include systematic examinations, which can be contracted as individual or collective. In this way, insured persons are enabled to adjust the coverage package to their needs, which ensures the use of health services within a large network of institutions across the country.

Cancer insurance, as a new generation of insurance, is a special type of financial support in the treatment of this serious disease. This type of protection is crucial in the fight against cancer, since it provides the possibility of obtaining a second medical opinion in one of the renowned medical institutions, as well as additional financial resources necessary for treatment.

All that is required for the users of the voluntary health insurance policy to do in order to use the contracted services is to call the Medical Contact Center “Danube Insurance”, where the operator will refer them to one of the 600 health institutions and make an appointment as soon as possible.

The address book of health care providers with a list of all health care institutions from the network of partners of the company “Dunav osiguranje” can be found on the website of the Company, and anyone who wants to conclude this type of insurance can contact experts from our Contact Center by calling 0800 386 286 (only for calls from Serbia).

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