SIPTARS STONED THE HOUSE OF THE VASIĆ FAMILY NEAR GJILAN! Workplace for Kosovo and Metohija: They proceed to intimidate and assault Serbs!

Several glass bottles and oysters flew towards the yard and the buildings, which caused material damage. The case was reported to the police, who came out and carried out an investigation, and the Office for Kosovo and Metohija expects that the rioters will be arrested and adequately sanctioned, and that such acts will not be minimized in Albanian society and the international community. Metohija is an attack on our stay and survival on centuries-old hearths.

It is a shameful intimidation and attack on Serbs who live in Cernica and try to evict them from their doorstep. Although oysters were thrown in Gjilan, the inspirer of this hooligan act is in Pristina, where anti-Serbian rhetoric and a policy of impunity encourage such and similar acts against Serbs. – reports from the Office for KIM.

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