New “Faberge” egg in honor of the mom of dragons and “Sport of Thrones”

Faberge chief designer Lisa Talgren, in collaboration with Game of Thrones costume designer Michelle Clapton, to create a “precise and enchanting design that tells the story of Deneris Targaryen and her mission to sit on the Iron Throne.”

“From the very beginning, the evolution of this egg has been poetic. “The design shows Deneris’ incredible journey, her passion and love for dragons,” says Clapton.

The exterior of the egg is purple, blue, red and silver, decorated with diamonds. The interior is bright, ruby ​​red with a winged dragon and a miniature version of the crown, which would have been given to her if she had kept the Iron Throne.

The “Faberge” jewelry store is best known for the collection of 50 Easter eggs that its founder, Karl Petar Faberge, made for the Russian royal family of the Romanovs from 1885 to 1916.

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