RTS Planeta – proposals for the week of April 12-18

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We are giving suggestions for shows that you can watch next week on RTS channels.

Monday, April 12

1. Cinema: Sediment
2. Music program: Studio 4th episode
3. Exclusive: How the West saw Milosevic
4. In memoriam: Tozovac for all time

Tuesday, April 13

1ST HOUR: Domestic license, foreign plates, and the first “Dacia” on electricity
2. Hunting and fishing: In Tekija
3. Cinema: Manu Munja
4. Quadrature of the circle: Petrified life

Wednesday, April 14

1. Cinema: Zverinjak
2. Information program: Allow: Military cooperation between Serbia and the People’s Republic of China
3. Program archive: Optional: School for strippers
4. The Great Illusion: Human Destinies and Politics

Thursday, April 15

1. Selection from the radio program: Somewhere: Vojvodina farms
2. Cinema: Universal Soldier
3. Music program: Rebellion: Song of the Year
4. Serial program: Dirty tires

Friday, April 16

1. Cinema: Presidential colors
2. Quite naturally: Rural artists part 3
3. Information program: Prison file
4. Serial program: The morning will change everything

Saturday and Sunday, April 17 and 18

1. Cinema: Money
2. Entertainment program: Iris
3. Region and Diaspora: Serbian Postcard from America: Serbian School in Chicago
4. Knowledge and property: Young people in the countryside

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