I do not perceive why he refused the polygraph

President Vučić said that he had received all the necessary information on bringing Kokeza for questioning, who was released after a four-hour interrogation and refusal to answer the polygraph.

“I would not like to declare myself in any way except to understand why the man I trusted refused the polygraph, especially because he was told that he could only go to one, he did not have to ask ten questions, and if the key question is yes whether he participated in the preparation of my liquidation, which he refused to go to the polygraph, I can’t believe it, to be completely honest, I have known this man for a long time and I will never believe it, “Vucic emphasized.

He added that he “went to the polygraph for nonsense”, emphasizing that it was “strange when someone doesn’t go”.

“It is unbelievable for me that he heard or planned something on that issue, because I did not step on him or anyone, I did nothing wrong, neither I nor my family, I simply do not want or can believe it. Let the competent authorities work. his job, “the president said.

He added that he is “sorry for everything” and that he “feels bad” even though tonight is a nice evening when they are Russian vaccines arrived “but not because I’m scared, but because I’m sad.”

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