Dwelling in a same-sex group is a human proper

“The LGBT community has the right to regulate the rights and obligations of mutual life by law,” Comic told reporters at the Palace of Serbia before the start of the first social dialogue on the draft law on same-sex unions.

When asked whether the members of the LGBT community will have the same rights, since the term same-sex union is used, and not marriage, Comic said that the law that will be passed is primarily a “human rights” legal act.

“It is not a marriage, there is no adoption of children, it is a human rights law, it is a same-sex community and a law that regulates mutual rights and obligations. Nothing more and nothing less than that,” said Comic.

On the conclusion that homophobic statements are often heard in the Assembly and the question of how she expects the law to be adopted in that context, Comic said that dialogue is the only mechanism to discuss the reasons why someone thinks that people, because they have personal qualities and will to living in a same-sex community, they cannot have rights like everyone else.

“I do not believe that there is a good enough argument for that, but I believe in the benefit of doubt, to which we are all obliged, to hear everyone’s argument,” the minister said.

She expressed hope that the exchange of arguments, as well as proposals, ideas and criticism will contribute to the adoption of the best law, emphasizing that Serbia thus climbs the ladder of societies that respect human rights.

As she said, Serbia will probably be the 49th or 50th country in the world to adopt such a law.

“The discussion will last within the planned legal system and at the request and need of all interested parties, because we want to propose this law to the Serbian Parliament as a text that will include ideas, remarks, proposals of all interested parties in our country. It should be a model for any future law. “, emphasized Comic.

The first thematic social dialogue on the Draft Law on Same-Sex Communities was attended by the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Janković, the UN Resident Coordinator in Serbia Françoise Jacob, representatives of the Council of Europe Mission in Serbia, the EU Delegation to Serbia and LGBT associations.

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