TSC defeated Mladost and took the lead once more

An interesting football show in Senta. The host got the first half in which he reached the advantage with two goals. In the continuation, Mladost was more aggressive and managed to reduce the advantage, but the guests did not have the strength for more.

TSC took the lead in the 27th minute. The ball after the corner was briefly added to the forgotten Rabbit, who entered the penalty area and assisted Tomanović, who hit the Mladost net from five meters.

The home team doubled the advantage in the 40th minute. Stanojev escaped and flew into the penalty area on the right side and hired Stoiljković from the goal-out line on the second post, who only had to pass the ball into the empty net.

Mladost reduced the advantage of TSC in the 60th minute. A quick attack by the guests, Jovanović fought for the ball in the penalty area and overcame the home goalkeeper.

Then the host calmed the pace of the game and routinely brought the match to an end.

Seventh round of the Serbian Super League:

TSC – Mladost 2: 1

15.25 Novi Pazar – Metalac
17.30 Radnik – Spartak

Napredak – Vojvodina
18.55 Cukaricki – Red Star
21.00 Partizan – Radnicki Nis

Proleter – Radnicki Kragujevac
20.00 Voždovac – Kolubara

TSC 16
Partizan 15
Red Star 13
Čukarički 10
Worker 9
Progress 9
Voždovac 9
Vojvodina 8
Spartacus 8
Radnicki Kragujevac 7
Kolubara 7
Radnicki Nis 6
Metalac 4
Proleter 4
Novi Pazar 1
Youth 0

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