TODAY THE TEMPERATURE IS FALLING AGAIN The wind and the showers are coming

Wind weak and moderate, east and northeast, south south.

Morning temperature from seven to 10 degrees, highest daily from 12 in the north and west to 19 in the south.

And in Belgrade, cloudy and a little fresher, occasionally with rain.

Wind weak and moderate, east and northeast.

Morning temperature around eight, highest daily around 13 degrees.

In the following days, similar weather.

On Wednesday in the north, mostly cloudy, with occasional rain, and in other parts, partly cloudy with local short-term showers and thunderstorms.

In the south of Banat and in the lower Danube, the southeast wind is intensifying.

From Thursday to the end of the week, mostly sunny and noticeably warmer, and with the local development of clouds, short-term rain and showers are rare.

At the beginning of the next week, transient cloud cover with rain, showers, thunder and a drop in temperature.

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