THIS IS HOW POSKOK LONGER THAN HALF A METER WAS CATCHED IN THE GRADAC MONASTERY! One of the vital venomous snakes in Europe threatened guests, Rastko introduced it again to nature!

Poskok was found on the monastery estate in the summer of 2020.

The hippopotamus is considered the “most poisonous” snake in Europe, but that is not exactly the case. Generally, the poison is potent, but if a viper bites a healthy person then there is no fatal outcome – he explained to Dr. Ajtić.

As he explained to us, he caught the snake with his hands with the necessary equipment.

He mentioned that he does not remember exactly the length of the hop.

Natural History Museum / Rastko Ajtić

– Zmija was approximately 60 centimeters long – said our interlocutor.

The hippopotamus was later released into the wild.

Gradac Monastery

The Gradac Monastery is the endowment of Queen Jelena, which was built from 1277 to 1282, during the reign of her son King Dragutin. It is located on an elevated plateau above the Gradačka river, on the edge of the wooded slopes of Golija.

Natural History Museum / Rastko Ajtić

It is 21 km northwest of Raska and 12.5 km west of Brvenik and Ibarski put.

It represents an immovable cultural good as a cultural monument of exceptional importance.

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