The issues we’ve got to unravel are the value of gasoline, the size of the contract, but in addition the request for flexibility!

16 Nov 2021

VUCIC ON THE MEETING WITH PUTIN: The things we have to solve are the price of gas, the length of the contract, but also the request for flexibility!

Today, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, spoke in Šabac about the upcoming meeting with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, emphasizing that their meeting is extremely important.

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– We have a lot of hope in that meeting, and I am very nervous, regardless of the fact that we are meeting not the first, but also the second time – says Vučić.

He added that the meeting with Putin is important, because investments can be attracted through gas, because people will come to Serbia because of the lower price of gas.

– We get electricity through gas – says Vučić.

Vučić pointed out that everything that was collected is terribly lost, and by going to Russia, he will have to pray for a contract from December, because Serbia will consume a lot of gas due to the cold weather.

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– I expect to hear a lot, learn, as well as get a lot of information – Vučić continued.

When asked about the price of gas, which is out of the stock exchange, Vučić noted that Serbia currently pays $ 270 for gas to Russia.

– We have three things that we have to solve with Putin, they are the price, the length of the contract, and the request for flexibility – Vucic added.


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