THE CROWN IS WILD AGAIN! GREAT EVENTS UNDER QUESTION! The parliament in Guca is ready for the permission of the Disaster Workers

The jubilee 60th Trumpet Festival in Guca, which is scheduled from August 13 to 15, does not yet have the permission of the Crisis Staff for maintenance, although there are only six days left until the beginning!

The reason for that is the worsening epidemiological situation, so the Crisis Staff decided that the Parliament will be held only if the number does not exceed 1,000 infected people a day and with strict epidemiological measures.

Strict controls

Only vaccinated people will be able to come to Guca, those who have had a crown in the last six months or with a serological or PCR test not older than 48 hours.

The organizers of Guca believe that there will be a Parliament and they are preparing all epidemiological measures in detail.

And a barbecue on hold

The Republic Crisis Staff, which has not yet given permission to hold them, is in charge of approving the events that gather more than 500 people, including the Leskovac Barbecue Festival.
If the Crisis Staff gives the “green” light, the Leskovac Barbecue Festival, the 31st in a row, will be held from August 23 to 29, and the engagement of pop stars and bands will pay for the city. and further in the extension of Bulevar oslobođenja.

Two weeks ago, we sent the Crisis Staff our plan of measures to hold the jubilee, 60th Trumpet Festival. We do everything to keep the safety of the parliamentarians to the maximum and that is why we are introducing controls. The first checks will be on the approaches to Dragacevo from the direction of Cacak, Lucani, on the mountain Jelica, from the direction of Kraljevo and Ivanjica. There, the wardens will control whether the visitors have the necessary confirmations. If there is no one, the employees from the Health Center in Čačak and Lučani will take a free serological test at each checkpoint. The second detailed check is at the entrance to Guca itself, which will be fenced, and there will be a control at each entrance – the president of the municipality of Lucani, Milivoje Dolović, explained for the Informer.

Along with these measures, the number of visitors will be significantly reduced, Dolović announces.

– We expect from 30,000 to 50,000 people, and so far, on average, between 150,000 and 200,000 visitors have come. We are preparing and we hope to have information on Monday what has been decided. Everyone, from trumpeters, singers to caterers, we want this jubilee Parliament to be successful, but the health of the nation is in the first place and if the Crisis Staff decides not to have it, we will respect that – says Dolović.

Member of the Crisis Staff and epidemiologist Dr. Predrag Kon said that the only way to hold the Assembly in Guca is for the organizers to respect all the measures they promised and for there to be no drastic increase in the number of newly infected.

The number of patients in hospitals is growing

In Serbia, the number of infected people is growing day by day, and due to the difficult clinical picture and the large number of unvaccinated citizens, covid hospitals are being filled again! In the last 24 hours alone in our country, out of 10,521 tested, the virus was confirmed in as many as 564 people. The percentage of infected in relation to those tested is 5.36 percent. At the moment, 609 patients are being treated in hospitals, and that number is increasing every day. Of these, 12 are in serious condition and are connected to a respirator.

The Trumpeters’ Assembly has not yet received a maintenance permit from the Crisis Staff. Such a set is high risk with such a number of newly infected. And they can get our consent only if they provide everything they said. The organizers of Guca and the municipality of Lucani sent us a letter in which they wrote that no one who had not been vaccinated or tested would be able to enter at most 48 hours before, as well as that they would provide testing points. Also, no other festival planned for the second half of August has yet received permission from the Crisis Staff to hold it – says Kon.

Jump infected

Epidemiologist and member of the Crisis Staff prof. Dr. Branislav Tiodorović reveals that the Crisis Staff has ready measures if the number of infected continues to grow.

– If the number of infected increases above 1,000, we must be stricter with measures. Therefore, the restrictions will apply to large events and festivals. So far, it has been shown that the Exit festival went well, because the security protocol is strictly respected. But if the number of infected people jumps sharply, the question is what will happen to the Parliament in Guca – Prof. emphasizes. Dr. Tiodorović.

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