Germany: Crown vaccines save greater than 38,000 individuals


The German Centers for Disease Control estimates that coronavirus vaccines have saved the lives of more than 38,000 people in the country.

The “Robert Koch” Institute announced today that according to the calculation model, due to mass vaccination in the last six and a half months, also, 76,000 patients did not end up in hospitals and almost 20,000 people in intensive care units, the AP reported.

The German vaccination program also prevented the appearance of more than 706,000 confirmed cases this year, the Institute announced.

Germany started vaccinating citizens against the corona virus at the end of 2020.

More than 45 million people have been fully vaccinated, or 54.5 percent of the population, while 51.8 million or 62.3 percent of citizens have received at least one dose of the vaccine, said German Minister of Health Jens Spahn.

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