Radnicki, Novi Pazar and Vozdovac managed to outlive within the Tremendous League, Javor and Rad had been unfortunate

In the extremely dramatic end of the last round of the championship, as many as five clubs practically fought for survival, because according to the situation on the table, Javor, Novi Pazar, Radnicki from Nis, Rad or Vozdovac competed for two more places that lead to a lower rank.

They entered today’s matches with the priority of victories that would give them a chance to stay in the elite domestic competition, and from the first minutes of the matches, an interesting and open fight began on several fields.

Already at the beginning of the game in the 13th minute, Radnički took a 1-0 lead at home against Backa with a goal by Nenad Gavrić and indicated a departure from the critical relegation zone.

Almost at the same time, Spartak takes the lead at home with a goal from the penalty spot, which complicates the situation for the guests and suggests resignation in the relegation zone.

Twenty minutes later, Rad still managed to equalize at 1: 1 to extend the hope.

A few minutes later, Radnički reached 2: 0 through Stefan Mitrović, paving the way to stay in the elite competition, and only four minutes later, in the 19th minute, Gavrić scored the second goal for 3: 0 and eliminated all dilemmas.

Two minutes later, LUka Ratković reduced to 3: 1, but in the 33rd minute, the cheerful Gavrić scored a hat-trill for Radnički’s 4: 1 lead, as much as he went on vacation.

In Novi Pazar, the hosts took the lead against Napredak with a goal by Samir Hadjibulic in the 29th minute and indicated that they would move away from the danger zone.

At the end of the first half in all matches, he indicated that Javor and Rad remain in the relegation zone despite the draw because Javor is 16th on the table with 46 points, and Rad 17th still has 48 points as much as Voždovac, which remained out thanks to a draw. relegation zones.

In the second half, Novi Pazar increased the lead to 2: 0 with a goal by Abdulaje Sise in the 57th minute and indicated that they would secure the 12th place on the table, just below today’s rival Napredak, which guarantees its survival.

Radnički reached 5: 1 from the penalty spot in the 81st minute in a duel with Bačka and convincingly ensured survival in the 13th position with 49 points won.

Napredak manages to reduce the lead of Novi Pazar with a goal by Luka Milunović in the 81st minute for the final 2: 1, which ensured the survival of Movopazarci, and there were no changes in the results until the end of the other games.

Results of the 38th round:


Cukaricki – Radnik 2: 1
Macva – Zlatibor 1: 0
TSC – Indjija 2: 1
Mladost – Partizan 1: 0


Red Star – Metalac 5: 1
Vozdovac – Javor 0: 0
Novi Pazar – Napredak 2: 1
Proleter – Vojvodina 2: 0
Radnicki Nis – Backa 5: 1
Spartak – Rad 1: 1

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