PHENOMENAL NEWS! The boy who was run over by his father within the automobile may very well be launched from the hospital at the moment!

The health condition of the eight-year-old boy, whose father inflicted life-threatening injuries on his car, is significantly better, and he could be released from the hospital today.

– Today, the hematologist will perform a control examination of the boy, if everything is in order, he will be released from the hospital – they say in the Clinical Center in Nis.

Let us remind you, in the village of Jastrebac, on August 2, a traffic accident occurred in which a father hit his eight-year-old son in a car, causing him life-threatening injuries. The accident happened in the morning, when DD (32) who was driving a BMW in an improvised parking lot in the village of Jastrebac hit his eight-year-old son, who was squatting to tie a shoelace, so it is assumed that an unfortunate combination of circumstances led to this tragedy.

The boy was immediately taken care of at the Nis Clinical Center due to the seriousness of the injuries he sustained.

At that time, they said in this health institution that the boy had serious injuries and was at the Clinic for Thoracic Surgery.

– The boy is unconscious, on mechanical ventilation, but occasionally wakes up. He suffered a broken rib, lung tissue, small pelvis, as well as a head injury. He is expected to be transferred to the Clinic for Pediatric Surgery during the day – they said at the time in the University Medical Center Nis.

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