One yr for the reason that change of presidency in Montenegro (3): Maturity on the examination

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Radical changes needed: Nemanja Vuckovic

The situation in Montenegro, a year after the elections, shows that a lot has not changed, and above all there have been no substantial changes that would enable the Serbian people to permanently avoid new discrimination, the former president of the Student Club of Belgrade Law Faculty told “Vesti”. today, lawyer Nemanja Vuckovic, who deals with the issue of the position of Serbs in the region.

He specifies that he meant arranging voter lists and obtaining citizenship for those who have lived in Montenegro for decades, but have not yet received it, but also the legal regulation of the diaspora, so that it would never happen that votes from Luxembourg determine the lives of thousands of Serbs. Montenegro. He emphasizes the importance of the census by which the Serbian people would prove numerically that they are an unavoidable factor in political decision-making.

– It seems that there is no interest of this Government of Montenegro to completely stop the discriminatory attitude towards some citizens, although the situation is better than

before the elections, primarily in the employment of Serbian citizens.

According to him, the change of government has led to some positive things, primarily to the strengthening of the Serbian parties there, which is of fundamental importance for the development of relations between the two countries.

– There are more and more leading positions of mayors, directors of board members who come from the ranks of the Serbian people, and certainly have a desire to connect with Serbia and RS and everything will depend on the readiness and creativity of these people to justify the trust of citizens regarding the development of these fraternal relations. – says Vuckovic.

He notes that there is a continuation of the negative trend in relations concerning the expulsion of the Serbian ambassador, the adoption of the resolution on Srebrenica in the Montenegrin parliament, the issue of Kosovo and Metohija…

– Two things were betrayed the most, only the unity of those who won on August 30 last year and the disempowerment of the DPS – he points out.

Vuckovic believes that all political entities must show maturity and use the majority in the parliament in order to participate in the release of institutions and cleansing of corrupt personnel, as well as the change of the entire political system, in the full four years of their mandate.

According to our interlocutor, the remaining three years would have to be dedicated to radical changes, and in the last year, preparations should be made for free and fair democratic elections.

– The most important thing is not to gamble on the victory from 2020, but to make an effort in full capacity in order to eliminate all the negative trends of the previous regime. If the deputies are not satisfied with the government, they can reconstruct and replace it, but new elections should be avoided as long as possible – he concluded.

Root changes, poison for DPS

– The disappearance of the DPS, the disempowerment and prosecution of their staff responsible for corruption and crime is in full connection with the rights of the Serbian people and the cessation of discrimination. With the current government, I do not see a clear desire and readiness for these actions that would lead to radical changes, but a commitment to a disastrous continuity in political life that could lead to the return of retrograde DPS forces to power – says Nemanja Vuckovic.

Unwanted tourist

On his way out of Montenegro on the evening of August 9, Nemanja Vuckovic was detained at the Gracenovac crossing near Rozaje, and the police told him that there was a ban on his entry into Montenegro, as well as that he entered BiH near Trebinje, only due to insufficient control and omissions. border police.

– They said that the computer ID was not performed, otherwise they would not have let me go then, because I am on the list of people who are forbidden to enter. When asked to issue me a document with an explanation of the decision, they said they did not have it – says Vuckovic, who believes that there is no rational explanation for the ban.

He notes that he suspected that something like this could happen, but he thought that political changes would end the practice of banning socially active people from entering Montenegro.

The former government put the writer Matija Bećković, historians Cedomir Antić and Aleksandar Raković, former Serbian MP Dejan Mirović and the mayor of Banja Luka Draško Stanivuković on the list of those who cannot go to Montenegro. The main reason for the ban was their earlier statements, which, according to the then authorities, were a danger to the security of the state. It is heard from the new government that the ban is no longer valid, and Stanivuković was recently on the Montenegrin coast.

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