Paris Saint-Germain welcomes Manchester Metropolis within the battle for the Champions League closing

Paris Saint-Germain prepared the match in a much more pleasant atmosphere than Manchester City. Regardless of the fact that the English club won the fourth trophy in the League Cup in a row the other day, it was still, at least for a short time, part of the clubs that tried to establish the Super League. It went as it went, and that kind of unrest always has the potential to affect the team.

On the other hand, Paris Saint-Germain refused to be part of the infamous project, and that, according to the allegations from France, contributed to the unification of the players and the club. Reportedly, Maurusio Pochettino is especially pleased, and the Argentine is someone who has a reputation as a great admirer of the football tradition.

Apart from this, it is important to point out that, with the exception of Bernat, who is absent for the entire season, PSG will have the whole team against Manchester City for the first time. Marquinhos returned to training.

On the eve of the match, Pep Guardiola pointed out that he unconditionally believes in his team, as well as that the games that City provides in the Premier League, where he is predominantly first, give him the basis to believe in the next step in the Champions League. It will definitely not be easy …

“I will not sleep too much before this match, if I worry about the threat posed by Mbape and Neymar. They are spectacular players. If Neymar had stayed in Barcelona, ​​the club would have won several more Champions Leagues, “said the Catalan.

The first match between the two teams in the semifinals of the Champions League is scheduled for Wednesday in the standard term, and the match will be played in Paris.

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