NICE ACTION OF ZRENJANIN PRIMARY SCHOOL STUDENTS! They gather outdated paper to purchase bike racks in school!

The action lasts for two days, and on Sunday, September 19, the students will go from apartment to apartment in the Ruža Šulman settlement and bring old paper and cards from the houses. – says the director of the school, Sanja Gerbeš, noting that the money from the sale of the collected paper will be used to purchase new iron bicycle holders at the entrance to the school.

That was their wish and he is happy that they are determined and persistent in their desire to achieve the goal – adds teacher Ženja Stankov, who leads the 4th grade.


We started the action early this morning and I hope we will collect more tons of cardboard and paper – points out Mila, a student of IV 1st grade of primary school on October 2.

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