Ministers eye vaccine passports for Premier League matches and huge occasions

According to government plans, only fully vaccinated football fans will be able to participate in Premier League games and other events with more than 20,000 spectators from October.

Boris Johnson risks provoking further criticism from Conservative Conservatives as ministers seek to expand future use of vaccine passports from nightclubs to sports stadiums.

Talks with the Premier League are at an early stage to consider whether supporters who have not been double stabbed could be denied entry, the PA expects.

The use of vaccine passports could also be expanded to lower leagues and other sports in England as ministers seek to reduce the surge in Covid-19 cases as other restrictions are lifted.

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Although no final decisions have yet been made, there is currently discussion about whether vaccination records could be introduced for events with seats with a capacity of 20,000 people and more.

For non-seated events, such as music concerts, where there are major concerns about the mixing and spread of Covid-19 by strangers, the threshold for introducing them could be as low as 5,000 attendees.

A government source said: “It is important that fans continue to watch sporting events this fall, so we are investigating the role vaccines could play in this.”

“Not only will this allow for full-capacity stadiums, but it has the added benefit of encouraging people of all ages to get their jab.”

One area that remains to be debated is whether a recent negative test could allow access to football games but their use for nightclubs has been ruled out.

The Football Association, the Premier League and the EFL declined to comment when approached by the PA news agency.

The governing bodies of football had hoped for no restrictions ahead of the new season, but it is believed that both the Premier League and the English Football League have planned for such a case.

The Premier League has partnered with clubs and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to figure out the best way for fans to provide proof of vaccination, but is not expected to be required at the start of the season will be season.

Premier League clubs are expected to use their pre-season friendly matches to help them with trial certification.

The EFL has previously announced that it will wait for government advice and prepare contingency plans in the event of such a situation.

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