IN KRAGUJEVAC FILLS ALMOST ALL KOVID CAPACITIES, as many as 103 sufferers in intensive care

As the acting director of that institution, Dr. Slobodan Milisavjević, told Tanjug, 250 patients are currently being treated for the consequences of the corona virus, and between 20 and 30 people are being hospitalized daily.

– What is not good is that, out of these 250 patients, as many as 103 are in intensive care. All of them require maximum medical attention, because these are patients with the most difficult clinical pictures – said Milisavljevic.

At the Clinical Center, which as a tertiary institution takes care of about two million people, more than 20 percent of patients treated for kovida 19 are from other districts, ie from general hospitals that gravitate towards that institution in Kragujevac.

According to Milisavljevic, the unvaccinated dominate among the hospitalized, while there are significantly fewer who are mostly incompletely vaccinated.

He reminds that in the beginning, Serbia was at the very top of the world in terms of the number of vaccinated, but now that number is unsatisfactory.

He adds that in the Sumadija district so far, at least the first dose has been received by about 48 percent of people, 45 percent of them have received both doses, while the third, booster dose has been received by 19 percent of citizens in Sumadija.

– The health care system continues to fight covid and that is why it is important to increase the vaccination rate and to continue to respect all measures of the Crisis Staff – said Milisavljević.

He also said that the health system in Kragujevac is still ready to respond to all the challenges posed by delta and delta plus strain or any other mutation that might appear.

– Thanks to the engagement of the President of Serbia, the Government and the Minister of Health, we have enough medicines and equipment, but what is a chronic problem, not only in Kragujevac, but in the whole of Serbia, is the lack of quality health workers, primarily doctors and medical technicians – said Milisavljevic.

He added that in KC Kragujevac, along with the fight in the covid system, they managed to reduce the waiting list at the radiotherapy department to a minimum, which enabled non-covid patients to be treated without hindrance.

After a short delay, the operative program continued, and all operating rooms work for emergency and oncology patients, who, despite the extraordinary circumstances due to the corona virus, are given the opportunity to be cured, said Milisavljević.

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