I need higher and I believe will probably be higher

Before commenting on the last match, Djokovic stated that his game was influenced by the fact that he did not participate in tournaments in Cincinnati and Toronto this year.

“It’s an unusual situation. I probably need it, at least that’s how I act on the field, that I need a little time to get used to it. To get used to it, to find the rhythm of the game and the pace that adorned my successful career. I think it will be better. In any case, I started great today, “said Djokovic.

The best tennis player then briefly commented on the key moments of the match, stating that the young Danish tennis player played an excellent second set, taking advantage of the mistakes he made.

“Maybe it’s good to lose the set right away in the first match and feel, maybe, those moments that are not very ideal, in order to officially enter the tournament. The fact that I didn’t participate in the mentioned tournaments had a big impact. Maybe I miss those first matches a bit. before this tournament. “

Djokovic’s next opponent is Talon Grikspur from the Netherlands, who surprised with the elimination of Jan-Leonard Struff with 3: 2.

“As for the next opponent, I don’t know much about him. I even watched him for the first or second time in my life in the match with Struff. It’s a surprise, I thought Struff would pass as the winner. I’ll have to do some homework, analysis and to prepare well “, concluded Djokovic.

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