FOLLOW THE three RULES TO MAKE THE VACCINE BETTER ‘RECEIVED’ It’s essential to do that earlier than going to your dose, and specialists are discovering what’s STRICTLY FORBIDDEN

22. 11. 2021.

FOLLOW THE 3 RULES TO MAKE THE VACCINE BETTER ‘RECEIVED’ You must do this before going for your dose, and experts are discovering what is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN

Vaccination due to the corona epidemic lasts for almost a year, and some people still have dilemmas, when is the right time for vaccination, but also whether any special preparation is needed. Basically, there is no preparation, the only thing you need is to be healthy, not to cough, not to have a fever, or some other health problem because of which you would possibly postpone the vaccination.


The immune response is important at all times, and when it comes to defending against the disease, but to some extent also when it comes to the response to the vaccine. As doctors have already explained, those with weaker immunity should be vaccinated, but also receive the recommended doses on time, because they belong to the risk group, and on the other hand, what is certainly good, both for them and for everyone else. population, to work to improve their immunity.

“Be sure to eat a nutritious meal and hydrate before the scheduled date to potentially reduce side effects on the day of vaccination,” Rite Aid states in its guidelines. CVS Health also advises people to “drink at least half a liter of water one hour before the appointment to prevent side effects.”

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Experts say that it is important to be hydrated before the scheduled vaccination date, because otherwise, there is a high probability that you will feel worse.

Experts also warn you not to take over-the-counter pain medications before you get vaccinated.

“It is not recommended that you take over-the-counter medications, such as ibuprofen or aspirin before vaccination, to potentially prevent the side effects of the vaccine,” the CDC said. “It is not known how these drugs could affect how well the vaccine works. However, if you take these drugs regularly for other reasons, you should continue. It is also not recommended to take antihistamines before vaccination, and to prevent allergic reactions.”

Immunologist prof.dr Borislav Kamenov explains that each of us can contribute to a better immune system, only if he listens carefully and follows what his body tells him. He is checked regularly, but he should also check his immune status.

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A good immune response is important for the defense against the virus, which is also needed when it comes to the vaccine. How the organism will react to the vaccine, ie whether it will make stronger protection, also depends on the immunity. The most important thing is to strengthen your immune system, over time the immune system is disrupted, so it works badly, but that can be fixed. It is necessary to determine what bothers you about food, the stomach is the first to signal when something is not right, so discard food that you do not like. Then, you take vitamins, vitamin D is the most important in the defense against the virus, and during the winter months, it is necessary to take it because there is no sun. Of course, there are people who have enough of it, but the doctor must determine that. On the other hand, there is zinc, probiotics, folic acid, all of which together are important to strengthen the immune system. And when it comes to natural immunity, and when it comes to vaccination, immunity is important and people ignore it

When it comes to vitamin D, the doctor explains that the older population should take up to 10,000 units a day, younger people 5,000, and 500 units of vitamin D for children.

Why vitamin D is good

Vitamin D is one in a series of necessary substances, and its deficiency, in addition to the decline in immunity, can cause bone disease, but it can also affect the development of apathy and depression. It should be noted that bone mass can stop building in the thirties, so it is important to take into account the diet through which this precious vitamin is taken.

– I am absolutely convinced that he can correct a lot of things in the immune system. Vitamin D repairs our cells, adds Dr. Kamenov.


Probiotic is a term used for a set of “good bacteria”, and the most common types of microbes used in probiotics are lactic acid bacteria. Many wonder how it is possible that today we cannot do without probiotics and the answer lies in our bad habits, poor food choices, when everything is processed, while on the other hand the consumption of medications spoils our intestinal flora. Probiotics actually help us maintain the proper number of bacteria that make up our normal microflora. We also need good bacteria in the fight against the crown, so that our immune system can give a good response.

Zinc (but also selenium)

Zinc is a mineral that is necessary for the normal functioning of the organism and is extremely important for the proper functioning of the immune system. It helps us heal wounds faster, is great for bones, nails, loss of taste and many other health problems.

Zinc, but also selenium are very important for strengthening immunity and you should eat food in which they can be found during this period. Zinc is also good for mental effort, and it can play an important role in the prevention of colds and flu, but also for chronic infections precisely because it stimulates the immune system. Generally, you should not eat unhealthy, fast food, you should turn to healthy meals, vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables.


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