FINALLY, BREATHING IS EASIER! Brisker right this moment, prepare for a NEW TROPICAL WAVE!

In most parts of the country today, it is five to 10 degrees cooler and mostly sunny. With variable clouds mostly in the north, west and southwest, sometimes with short-term rain or showers with thunder.

Wind weak and moderate, in the east and in the mountainous areas occasionally strong, northwest. Morning temperature from 17 to 21 C, the highest from 28 in the north to 36 C in the southeast, the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute announced.

Forecast for Belgrade

Mostly sunny and fresh in Belgrade. Wind weak and moderate, northwest. Morning temperature around 21 C, highest around 29 C.

Weather forecast for seven days – until August 9:

Mostly sunny on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Tuesday in the mountainous areas with the local development of clouds in some places with short-term showers and thunderstorms.

From Thursday to Saturday partly cloudy with occasional rain, showers and thunderstorms. Then dry until the end of the period.

Warmer at the end of the week

The temperature in most places is around average, except in the southeast where it will stay very warm until Thursday, around 35 degrees.

At the end of the period the temperature rises.

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