FINALLY A LESS WARMER Right this moment as much as 20 levels, however the rain won’t bypass us

It will clear up during the night. Wind weak, west and southwest.

The lowest temperature is from 1 to 7, the highest daily from 16 to 20 degrees, the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute announced.

It will be variably cloudy and a little warmer in Belgrade, short-term rain is possible. Cheering during the night. Wind weak, west and southwest. Lowest temperature from 4 to 7, highest 18 degrees.

According to the forecast for the next seven days, a little warmer is expected on Thursday, mostly sunny in the morning, cloudy in the afternoon, rain in the evening and at night, snow in the higher mountains.

On Friday it will be colder, in the north in the morning it will rain, then it will clear, in other parts it will be cloudy, in some places it will rain, in the higher mountains snow.

Mostly sunny on Saturday, cloudy in the southeast.

Mostly sunny from Sunday, and warmer from Tuesday.

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