Eurostat: ‘Individuals in Serbia use the Web primarily to learn information’

According to the results of a 2020 survey published by the European Statistical Agency. According to Eurostat, people in Serbia used the internet more to read the news and less to play online games.

Of the 16- to 74-year-olds who had used the internet in the three months prior to the survey, 74% used the internet to read online news or magazines, 70% watched TV and video content via streaming services, 44% listened to music and 21% to play or download games.

Although young people on average are more likely to use the Internet for cultural purposes, the proportion of those reading news or magazines online is 20% higher among the older population in Serbia. The research also showed that women in Serbia visit news sites more often than men.

In the European Union, the majority of the population also uses the Internet to read online news and magazines (75%) and to watch television and video content via streaming services (74%). Fewer people listen to music online (61%) or play games (34%).

(N1, 08/26/2021)

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