DRIVERS CAUTION! Roads moist, potential ice

There is snow on the road Vladicin Han – Surdulica, near the loop Bujanovac south – administrative line of AP KiM, on Vlasinsko Lake towards the border with Bulgaria, as well as on the sections Davidovac – Sveta Petka, Sveta Petka – Trgoviste and Predejane – Cukarka.

On other roads of the first priority, the roads are wet in the lower areas, there is snow in some places in a wet state up to five centimeters on the territory of Vranje.

On the state roads of the second priority, the roads are wet and there is snow in some places in a wet state up to 5 centimeters on the territory of Kruševac, Novi Pazar, Vranje.

The situation is the same on other roads of the third priority in the territory of Ivanjica, Krusevac, Novi Pazar, Uzice and Vranje.

“Roads of Serbia” warned that near Zajecar, on the Djerdap highway, icicles are forming in tunnels, and in addition to constant interventions, careful driving is advised.

Landslides are frequent, along unstable stone slopes, in gorges, cuts, notches, and most of them are on the Djerdap highway. Driving caution is advised on the road near Požega, due to possible debris, ie stones on the road.

Due to the announced low temperatures, there is a possibility of occasional ice on the roads, and especially on sections that stretch along rivers, valleys, gorges and road facilities.

Traffic is prohibited for trucks and trucks with trailers on the roads Jošanička Banja – Kopaonik, Kraljevo (Kovanluk) – Brezna – Goč and Kopaonik – Rudnica

There are landslides on the roads Javor – Sjenica, Adrani – Kraljevo – Raska – Novi Pazar – Ribarice – state border with Montenegro (border crossing Mehov Krs), Aljinovici – Sjenica – Novi Pazar, Raska – administrative line AP Kosovo and Metohija (Jarinje) , Ribariće – administrative line of AP Kosovo and Metohija (Brnjak), Dojeviće – Pazarište – Tutin – Mehov krš and Biljanovac – Jošanička Banja.

There are also landslides on the roads Kraljevo (Ratina) – Kraljevo (Kovanluk), Divljak – Ivanjica – Javor, Ivanjica – Buk and Buk – Radocelo, Vuckovica – Ivanjica, Prilike – Katići – Jasenovo, Buk – Medjurečje – Kumanica, Gornji Dubac – Ports – Ivanjica, Kumanica – Preko Brdo, Odvracenica – Preko Brdo and Kumanica – Gledica.

There is a possibility of fog on the roads, and especially on the sections that stretch along the river courses, valleys, gorges as well as on the road facilities across the rivers.

The road is wet and there is up to five centimeters of snow at the entrance to the border crossings to Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia and Montenegro.

The approaches to the winter tourist centers are passable, and “Roads of Serbia” advises drivers not to go on the road without winter equipment and chains.

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