CONCERNED FAMILY SEARCHING FOR STASH! She went to go to her sick mom, however she didn’t arrive at her place, and she or he didn’t return dwelling.

Stasa Gligorijevic (60) from Pozarevac disappeared two years ago days, more precisely on Wednesday during the morning when she went out of work to visit her sick mother. She told her colleagues that she would return immediately, but she was not there until the end of working hours, she was not even visiting her sick mother. Since then, all trace of her has been lost.

She was last seen on Wednesday morning, shortly after 9 am, near the Health Center in Požarevac, and nothing has been known about her since then. The mother reported her mother missing on the social network Facebook,
Nevena Slavkovic.

“She was at my party on Monday. It is true that her mother is ill, but she did not indicate excessive anxiety or anything, which would lead her to think that she could do something to herself or go somewhere without calling anyone.

I don’t know what could have happened. I’m afraid she didn’t take some drugs that led her to do something like that without a goal. During yesterday, a man who works in Ljubičevo told us that he noticed him standing by the water for about two hours, but he did not pay attention to what happened next. Did she go and get lost somewhere in the nearby forest or did she continue somewhere.

GREAT SEARCH FOR A GIRL! As many as 800 police officers, DOG SEARCHERS, HELICOPTERS AND DRONS are looking for her

A GIRL FROM JAGODINA FOUND! After a one-day search, she returned home alive and well!

A GIRL FROM JAGODINA FOUND!  After a one-day search, she returned home alive and well!

A bag was found near Ljubičevo

My husband and I found her purse with some personal belongings near Ljubičevo and that’s it. The search of the terrain is still ongoing and I hope that my mother will find her alive. I don’t want to think and believe differently, daughter Nevena tells Informer.

By the way, Stasa Gligorijevic was last seen in a longer beige jacket, dark pants, white sneakers and a gray hat on her head.

The concerned family asks that if you have any information about Stasa, you can call 064/4528765, 065/3713470, 060/6147986.

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