A HOT DAY IS AHEAD OF US, temperature as much as 37 levels! Right here’s once we can count on a chill

Mostly sunny today in most parts, very warm in the south and east. In the afternoon in the mountainous areas with variable clouds in some places with rain, showers and thunder.

Wind weak and moderate, northwest. Morning temperature from 13 to 22, the highest from 31 to 37 degrees, the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute announced.

Sunny and warm in Belgrade. Wind weak and moderate northwest, north. Morning temperature from 18 to 22, highest 33 degrees.

Weather prospects for Serbia in the next seven days – until August 16:

Mostly sunny and dry in most places. In the first half of the week, mostly in the mountainous areas, with variable clouds, in some places short-term rain and showers with thunder.

Temperature above average values ​​from 30 to 34 degrees, only on Tuesday in the south and east very warm, around 36 C.

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