We rejoice the Holy Serbian Mom Angelina, the protector of the poor and oppressed! Remember to say this prayer at this time!

Before she became a monk, her name was Angelina Brankovic. She was the daughter of the medieval lord of the Konjuh and Shkumba area – George Arianit Komnin and the wife of Stefan Brankovic.

She married blind Stefan, an exiled Serbian despot, in November 1460. They lived briefly in Albania while later living in poverty in Italy.

The life of the Holy Serbian Mother Angelina was difficult – she outlived her husband, both sons and daughter Mara. She was forced to carry three relics of her husband’s relics, and for a good part of her life she was banished by other Serbian authorities.

It is not known for sure when Angelina became a monk, but it is known that, despite her poverty, she was the founder of a large number of monasteries and that she spent the rest of her life in prayer and silence, watching over the relics of her husband and sons.

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THE FIRE SAINT IS VERY RESPECTED IN SERBIA! We celebrate Saint Procopius, the protector of children and miners! Here are the things you should NOT DO TODAY!

THE FIRE SAINT IS VERY RESPECTED IN SERBIA!  We celebrate Saint Procopius, the protector of children and miners!  Here are the things you should NOT DO TODAY!


She died in 1520 and was buried first in her monastery Sretenje. Her relics were later transferred to the Krušedol monastery and placed in a coffin together with the relics of her son Jovan. In 1716, the Turks set fire to the Krušedol monastery together with the relics of all Brankovićs.

The cult of the Venerable Mother Angelina in Serbia appeared very early – her first life appears in the 16th century.

Because of the love and gentleness she radiated during her life, this saint is still addressed throughout the service as – mother, venerable, blessed, blessed, blessed, blessed… Her Christian virtues are also expressed – purity of ascetic life, boundless mercy, patience and wisdom. , the devotion of the wife and the sacrifice of the mother.

Venerable Angelina is mentioned both in the Service of her son – St. John – and in the Joint Service to all Saints Brankovic, and her figure appears on all icons of this Serbian martyr family.

Protector of the poor

As she spent a good part of her life in misery and difficult life, Mother Angelina is today considered the protector of the poor and oppressed.

Venerable Mother Angelina teaches believers, and her whole life testifies to that – physical misery is not important if the heart is full. That is why the people say that on this day, everyone should mention the Venerable Mother Angelina in prayer so that she can help us put our lives in order.


It is believed that Mother Angelina protects women who live a life similar to hers, but do not give up kindness and attempts to do the best for their family. That is why, even in the most difficult moments, Serbian women are not alone because this saint is watching over them.


Oh, Venerable Angelina, our good and merciful mother, help us, your disobedient children. You, our good mother, had a difficult life on Earth, but with God’s help you bravely won all the battles and joyfully settled in the light of the Kingdom of Heaven. From your home, the Church of Christ is gilded and decorated by your holy husband Stephen, and sons Saint John and Maximus. You also had an immensely big and compassionate heart towards everyone who was in trouble. That is why the pious Serbian people called you the most beautiful word that God gave – mother. Because you are the mother of all of us, your Serbs, who, although we are sinful and sinful, still love and respect you and turn to you for help. And what mother does not love her children, even the greatest sins when they commit. She punishes them like a wise woman, but she doesn’t stop loving them. Therefore, you, our good mother, rebuke us from Heaven, rebuke us with the rod of God, but do not deny us your love.

We ask you, good mother, to give us every blessing from Heaven through your prayers to the Lord: health to the sick, strength to the sick, hope to the helpless, hungry for bread, childless children, persecuted home and comfort, and to all who pray for something, give by great mercy yours, as much as they need. But give us even more, our good mother, the treasures of Heaven by which the soul is purified, which strengthen us in fulfilling the commandments of God, which lead us to good, and lead us away from all evil. Because if we don’t escape from the evil in this world, how will we escape in the next, if we don’t cleanse ourselves of dirt here, how will we go there, where you can only see what we brought from here.

Help us to die for this world, just as you died for the world, wanting a treasure that is incorruptible and eternal. Let our treasure be in Heaven, so that our heart would be in Heaven, and not here where everything rots and disappears, where a thief steals and a moth and rust bites. Because if we spend all our strength for the treasures of this world, for just a handful of earthly dust, which we will not take with us anyway, then you will not be able to help us either, our good mother. But, if we make at least a little effort, at least a little cry to the Lord through you, His heavenly bride, then your help will pour out countless treasures of Heaven, which will empower us not to deviate from the narrow path of salvation, even if we have hundreds of deaths on it. waited.

It is true that our soul is torn and miserable from sin, but the Merciful God has prepared a cure – repentance. May at least a part of the true repentance that you also offered to the Lord, our holy mother, be born in us as well. May your warm tears that you shed every day for the Serbian nation, revive the Divine in us, so that we understand that we owe God much, much, but that He will easily forgive us that debt, only if we sincerely and with tears ask Him for forgiveness.

Therefore, have mercy on us, our mother Angelina, Holy Abbess of Krusedol, and help us to be saved from all evil, so that one day, with your prayers to the Lord, we may come to rest in the Kingdom of Heaven, where everyone gratefully celebrates the Holy One and Indivisible Trinity, Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, both now and forever and ever. Amen.

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