TOMORROW WE CELEBRATE AN IMPORTANT HOLIDAY! Three days of STRICT RULES: Serbian customs are clear, it’s as much as you to respect them!

Tomorrow, the Serbian Orthodox Church and its believers celebrate one of the most important Christian holidays – the Holy Trinity, which is also called Pentecost and the Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles. It is celebrated for three days, and the churches are decorated with green twigs and sprinkled with grass.

At the Holy Trinity, Christ’s promise was fulfilled to the disciples that they would receive the grace of the Holy Spirit and speak in many languages ​​they did not know until then. This completed the founding of Christ’s church, and the apostles set out into the world to spread Christ’s teaching.

On June 20, 2021, the Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates Pentecost or the Holy Trinity, on the fiftieth day after Easter, and on the tenth day after Savior’s Day. The three-name holiday is actually the birthday of the Christian church and, according to tradition, the day of powerful energies. However, on the occasion of this holiday, the red letter lasts for three days, so we have Spiritual Monday and Spiritual Tuesday, and here is what the customs say …

Ever since the first Christians, it has been a custom to cover the floor in temples with grass on this holiday, and the walls are decorated with green branches.

During the prayer, the people weave wreaths of grass, which they then take home and leave next to the icon and the lamp. Many carry wreaths with them, so that the Lord will protect them from various misfortunes.

The fact that it is celebrated for three days also speaks of how big the holiday is. The celebration continues throughout the week during which one does not fast. It is an introduction to Petrovka’s post, which starts on June 28 this year.

The Holy Trinity is also celebrated as a baptismal feast, somewhere on the first and somewhere on the second day.

The glory is of Kraljevo, Krusevac, Pozarevac, Belgrade municipalities Surcin, Cukarica and Lazarevac.

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