This is the place and how one can examine your blood antibody ranges for FREE

15. 11. 2021.

The first results of the ‘SINOFARM’ vaccine have arrived: Here is where and how you can check the level of antibodies in your blood for FREE

The aim is to monitor the effectiveness of vaccines in different age groups.


A large research on the effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines is underway throughout our country, and for that purpose, citizens can check the level of antibodies free of charge. Namely, around six billion doses of vaccines safe for use have been given in the world against the kovid-19 virus, but every country is now monitoring their effectiveness for scientific purposes, and Serbia is among them.

As virologist Dr. Tanja Jovanović explains, the goal is to monitor the effectiveness of vaccines in different age groups, but also to monitor the effectiveness of all vaccines against covid-19 in general.


The research is being conducted throughout Serbia, and blood is being sampled in Belgrade, Nis, Kragujevac and Novi Sad. The organization of sampling is entrusted to the health centers in these cities, which carry out vaccination in the region. To become a “participant” in the study, you first need to be fully informed about the research itself, its content and purpose. – If, based on the information, you decide to participate in the study, you need to sign an informed consent, which obliges you to respect the time calendar of blood sampling. Informed consent is required for each participant in all studies that monitor the effectiveness of vaccination. The study protocol provides criteria for inclusion or exclusion of subjects from the study. If the person has given consent, which accompanies the signing of the document, and meets the criteria for inclusion in the study, he also fills in a questionnaire related to health information, which may affect the result of the research. In addition to age, information is needed on whether a person has previously had covid-19 and whether he or she has any chronic diseases that may affect the quality of the immune response. The research protocol envisages the inclusion of at least 10,000 respondents. Respondents receive information about the level of antibodies – explains Professor Jovanović.


She states that the effectiveness of vaccines is monitored by determining the presence and amount of specific neutralizing antibodies over a period of one year. – Neutralizing antibodies protect us from infection because they bind to the infectious virus and thus prevent the virus from entering the cell. The level of antibodies is determined before the first dose of the vaccine, and immediately before the second, and then the booster dose. In order to monitor the dynamics of maintaining specific antibodies, further monitoring of the amount of neutralizing antibodies is determined after a month, three and six months later, as well as after a year – she explains.


Based on the first analyzes, Dr. Jovanović says that the “Sinofarm” vaccine belongs to the group of those that contain a chemically inactivated (dead) complete virus particle, and that, as a rule, this type of vaccine is given in several doses and strongly activates the humoral immune response. . – Based on the first analyzes, we can conclude that a third dose of vaccine is necessary to achieve a protective level of antibodies. The third dose for the “Sinofarm” vaccine must be received after four months from the second dose, because about 30 percent of those vaccinated with this vaccine have low antibody values ​​six months after the second dose. This is, first of all, due to the protection from new, threatening variants of the virus that are dominant in our country, as it is currently the delta variant – says Professor Jovanović.

Dr. Ana Gligić states that the research that is underway in our country is a normal occurrence in large epidemics and that it will certainly make a great contribution in the fight against kovida-19. – The vaccines that are currently in use are made according to the strain of the virus that is no longer dominant, and I am almost certain that vaccines based on new strains are currently being made in the world. However, citizens should know that the current vaccines against kovid protect up to 30 percent and that this is enough to not develop a severe clinical picture – says Dr. Gligić.


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