THE SUN HAS FINALLY BEAT THE RAIN A STORM WIND will blow in these elements of Serbia

Wind weak and moderate, southeast, strong in the south of Banat and in the Lower Danube, with storm gusts.

Lowest temperature from 0 to 5, highest from 10 to 15 degrees. It will be low clouds in Belgrade in the morning, during the day mostly sunny and a little warmer. Wind moderate, occasionally strong, southeast. Lowest temperature around 4, highest 13 degrees. In the following days, mostly moderately cloudy and dry with sunny intervals, in the valleys with morning fog.

In the Košava area, tomorrow it will be windy with moderate and strong, and in the south of Banat occasionally with a stormy southeast wind. On Sunday and Monday, partly cloudy weather with occasional precipitation.

Temperatures up to a week around and slightly above the average values ​​for this time of year, and then falling.

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