The longer term that’s coming: Alkaras is the winner of Nextgen

Photo: Tanjug / AP

Karlos Alkaraz

The young Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcazar confirmed once again that he is without a doubt one of the upcoming stars. He celebrated very convincingly in the final of Nextgen in Milan against Korda 3: 0.

The guy, when many compare him to Nadal and even call him his successor, bravely joined the circle and decided to start making his inheritance immediately. Great games at the US Open have been confirmed among peers.

The Nextgen tournament may not be so appreciated, but for a guy who is barely 18 years old this year from an ATP title and winning a tournament announcing some new generations, won by Stefanos Cicipas and Janik Siner, among others, they are announcing a brilliant career.

Sebastian Korda was smoothly defeated in the final. It was 3: 0 in sets 4: 3 (7: 5 in that break), 4: 2, 4: 2, for the title and the announcement of a great rise.

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