THE DANGER DID NOT PASS TO ČAČAK! Residents are appealed to keep away from the atmosphere of “Sloboda”, DEMINERS ARE ON THE FIELD!

According to Glas Zapadne Srbije, referring to the information received from the management of the company “Sloboda” Čačak, demining teams are on the ground in order to find and remove the remains of explosive devices in the area of ​​Pridvorica.

Todoorovic appealed to all citizens living in the area to move exclusively on built roads, and not on green areas and fields, until the end of demining activities, about which, as he stated, they will be informed.

On the night between June 3 and 4, a fire broke out in the company “Sloboda” in Čačak in a separate part of the factory which is intended for storage and storage of elements for completing lighters and finished products for small caliber ammunition..

After a short time, the fire turned into serial explosions, and there were no victims or injured in the accident.

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