That’s no matter you do and you aren’t afraid

The song Sloboda was created in the middle of working on another composition. When it was finished, there was no doubt that it was the title track of the entire album, reveals Marko Luis, as a guest on the morning program.

“At that time, I listened to quite rhythmic and relaxing music of shamanic culture. “People who listen to my music know that I like to clap, that (rhythm) moved me and I realized that this is a completely new song,” explains Marko.

According to him, the song inspired him so much that when Maja Radivojević wrote the lyrics, he realized that the album must be called the same.

“And what is freedom for me … I did a small poll before the album came out, and I recently watched a documentary about Nina Simon. She just said, ‘Freedom is when you’re not afraid, when you’re not afraid.’ That means that no matter what you do, you should not be afraid, “the esteemed musician pointed out.

Music, he says, gives Mark complete freedom, and he sees it as a kind of communication beyond the limits of our senses by which we are programmed.

“It is important not only to go where the masses are pulling you, but also to listen a little and I think that freedom is in all of us,” says the singer-songwriter.

Apart from the mentioned Maja Radivojević, Tihomir Radić was also a collaborator on the album Sloboda.

“I really like to be inspired by people, to finish 60-70 percent of the song, so the lyrics are finished by Maja Radivojević or Božidar Đurović, who wrote I had bad dreams on the new album, I’m leaving. And to arrange, musically, to allow someone else to accept a pencil to draw on my paper “, the guest of the morning program emphasized.

The album also includes collaborations with performers. With Lena Kovačević, Marko Luis recorded the duet ballad Kraj. Djordje Miljenovic – Skye Wickler was a guest on two songs instead of one.

Two old songs in a new spirit

During the work on the album, as he says, he is spontaneous, open to cooperation, he likes to be pulled by someone else’s energy into a space where he initially feels insecure.

“I processed two songs. My father’s song, which on the one hand is not so well known at all – Unfaithful blue eye. On the other hand, I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to edit the song Vranjanka by the legendary author Dragan Toković “, says the musician and reveals that he gave a hip-hop sound to Vranjanka with Tihomir Radić.

Speaking about the origin of the song and the merging of the album as a whole, Marco Luis pointed out that he deals more with the feelings he has, which pass through his body, brain and soul, than what impression the song will leave.

“There is an audience waiting for me to publish something and I like them to find themselves in it. The album was ready before this whole situation started and it got a different meaning, messages – people started thinking more about how free we really were, “said the esteemed artist.

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