Survey finds assist for COVID-19 vaccine go in Turkey 

Turkey has entered a new phase in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. In the near future, regular polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests will be required for the unvaccinated public for travel and entry to certain venues. In light of these developments, a digital vaccination record, used in the United States and some European countries, has widespread support in Turkey, according to a new survey.

The survey carried out by the Turkish Employers’ Association (TISK) asked workers in the service sector and those who worked from home during the pandemic for their views on vaccinations and measures against COVID-19. Three out of four people interviewed for the survey, in which around 2,000 people took part, supported a vaccination record in the country. The Ministry of Health is currently offering unique codes for each person that document their status as COVID-19 infected or not infected. A digital app from the ministry also confirms the vaccination status of the users.

With a vaccination record, people can be checked for their vaccination status and a negative PCR test result. Eight out of ten respondents agree with the idea of ​​keeping people out of the public space if they cannot prove that they are vaccinated or not infected. The same majority of respondents also call for legal sanctions against those who refuse to be vaccinated. They also support employers’ restrictions on people who refuse to be vaccinated, even if they have been properly advised of the benefits of vaccination. In terms of hesitation or total rejection of vaccines, the survey looked at the mindset behind it. Most of the non-vaccinated respondents said they were opposed to vaccine safety and side effects, while the remainder said they were influenced by their neighbors’ opinions about vaccinations.

The country administered nearly 90 million doses of coronavirus vaccines during its vaccination program and aims to reach more people with awareness campaigns and restrictions for those without their two doses of vaccine as the number of daily cases increased.

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