Princess Sofia to proceed working in healthcare within the autumn – Royal Central

Linda Broström, Royal Court of Justice of Sweden

The Swedish Princess Sofia should continue to work in the health sector until autumn, the Royal Court of Justice has confirmed.

The 35-year-old princess started helping at Sophiahemmet Hospital in Stockholm after completing an apprenticeship at Sophiahemmet University to help out during the ongoing pandemic. She helps with cleaning and makes layers in the kitchen.

The information manager of the Royal Court, Margareta Thorgren, confirmed to Expressen that Sofia would continue this work in the autumn. She said: “Princess Sofia will continue her work at Sophiahemmet and will resume her part-time job in September. She is really looking forward to it. “

Prince Carl Philip will take on royal duties.

Princess Sofia is the honorary chairwoman of Sophiahemmet and has described her work there as “extremely rewarding” during the pandemic.

This summer, she gave an online talk about her work and said, “The past few months have been tough for a lot, not least in healthcare. Every effort has been made and I know that some of you have worked in and supported various areas of health care. I myself had the opportunity to work at Sophiahemmet. Indeed, with some of you. “

Sofia added, “But to see health care from the inside out this way, meet the patients for themselves, and see safe, well-trained nurses in action, it’s rare that I’ve been this impressed.”

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