Guardian of the Nationwide Museum accused of stealing a dagger

The indictment against him was submitted to the court by the First Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade, which in this case continues the investigation because, as he states, the criminal report of the Service for Fighting Organized Crime states that during July and August 2019, as many as 41 cases metal collections of the National Museum.

The prosecution reminds that according to the SBPOK report, on March 12 last year, S.J. was arrested. who at the hearing then defended himself by remaining silent.

During the investigation, a large number of witnesses were examined, documentation was collected and the camera footage was inspected, after which the prosecution filed an indictment against S.J. for stealing the said dagger.

Bearing in mind that after a detailed investigation and in cooperation with SBPOK and museum representatives, the prosecution collected evidence only for this dagger, an additional request was submitted to SBPOK to collect the necessary information, with the disappearance of another 40 pieces from the museum.

SBPOK is required to continue to discover other perpetrators and establish their identities, more precisely to continue to clarify and determine the circumstances under which the said cases disappeared.

“When the Ministry of the Interior takes all measures and actions related to the request and submits a new report to the prosecutor’s office, the prosecutor’s office will conduct an investigation and make a decision, of which the public will also be informed,” the prosecutor’s office said.

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