Evacuation of friends from Bodrum on account of fireplace – Serbian vacationers will not be endangered

Coast Guard units conducted the operation, and the authorities asked the owners of private boats and yachts to help in the evacuation due to the imminent danger of new fires, reports AP.

The Serbian embassy in Turkey said that Serbian tourists were safely evacuated out of fear due to the nearby forest fires that they were placed in other facilities, but that they were not endangered at any time.

“Three hotels in the Bodrum area, ie in the Mugla region, were at risk of power outages and that was the reason for the evacuation of the guests who were in them. There were no more than 15 of our families in those hotels who are currently in other hotels. , and they will be returned to these hotels in the morning, “Serbian Ambassador to Turkey Zoran Markovic told Radio Belgrade 1.

“Tourists in the Alanya and Side zone also complain about the smoke that is felt in hotels, but there was no evacuation,” Serbian Ambassador to Turkey Zoran Markovic told RTS, adding that 300 passengers who landed from Belgrade this morning reached their hotel.

“This morning, two planes with 300 tourists arrived and they are safely deployed in their hotels, and there are no problems there,” Markovic said.

He adds that he exchanges information on the situation on the ground with all travel agencies.

The number of people killed in fires raging in Turkish Mediterranean cities has risen to six today after two forest rangers were killed, the Turkish Minister of Health confirmed.

Fires that have been raging across Turkey since Wednesday have burned hectares of forests and several settlements, and the fire is spreading to villages and tourist resorts and forcing people to evacuate.

Turkish Agriculture and Forestry Minister Bekir Pakdemirli said on Saturday that 88 of the 98 fires had been brought under control.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited the endangered area.

“We can do nothing but ask for God’s mercy for the lives we lost, but we can replace everything that was burned,” Erdogan said, noting that the number of firefighting planes has increased from six to thirteen, including planes from Ukraine, Russia and Azerbaijan. and Iran.

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