EMERGENCY SITUATION IN ČAČAK, attraction to residents to behave rigorously!

The decision to introduce an emergency situation was made by members of the City Staff for Emergency Situations of the City of Čačak due to extremely unfavorable hydrological situation and extremely low water levels, and as it is stated, although water supply is endangered, there will be no restrictions due to sanitary reasons, reports the portal Morava info.

During the emergency situation, the City of Čačak, the Civil Protection of the City, JKP “Vodovod”, but also other public utility companies will deliver, if necessary, drinking water or water tanks will be installed at certain locations.

At the same time, the city leadership appealed to the citizens to be rational and use water only for necessary needs.

Earlier today, Todorović stated that the situation is very difficult, Glas Zapadne Srbije reports.

In May, we received 345 liters of water from the Rzav water system, yesterday it was 209, and this morning already 204 liters, which makes the situation very difficult. Our production is at its maximum, but if the drought continues, the big question is how the situation will develop further – said Todorović.

He pointed out that the emergency situation will include additional controls, as well as greater activity of communal police officers who will check whether there is a violation of the prescribed measures, and water will be delivered to endangered households by cisterns.

We have repeatedly appealed to all our citizens to use water rationally, but they have turned a deaf ear to all our requests. They water gardens, orchards and make the difficult situation even more difficult. Once again, we will ask them to act in accordance with the situation – Todorović pointed out.

He added that he would ask the competent institutions to allow the reduction of the biological minimum at the water intake itself, so that they could get another 100 liters, which would satisfy the needs of all five local governments.

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