America will increase army presence within the Balkans: A brand new deployment of forces is deliberate


American soldiers

The revised agreement between the USA and Greece on military cooperation envisages that American soldiers will be deployed to dozens of facilities in this southern Balkan country, the media write.

This is the second change in the agreement in three years. The last one was in 2019.

The new agreement envisages the expansion of the American base of the Court, giving the Americans the use of the infrastructure of the Stefanovikio, Larisa and Alexandroupolis bases. In addition, according to the agreement with Greece, the Pentagon will be able to use every military facility in the country. Previously, the United States only had a base in Crete.

According to To Vima, Washington “demands”, first of all, a “temporary extension of the agreement for a period of about five years” so that it would not change every year. Under two, the United States wants to get new places to deploy troops. According to the paper, Washington submitted a document with more than 20 new places.

Creating a new permanent base, such as in Crete, is not a topic of conversation. In areas where the Americans are proposing the deployment of their troops, “the Greek and American armies are already undergoing joint training” or are already part of NATO’s infrastructure. Therefore, it will not be a problem to realize the agreement, the Greek newspaper writes.

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