A kilometer-long column on Horgos, on the exit from Serbia, is ready for about 4 hours

Passengers on Horgos are waiting for an average of about four hours to leave our country today, and the column in both lanes individually reaches as far as five kilometers from the border, all the way to the exclusion for the settlement of Horgos.

“We have been waiting for two hours, and they say we will do three or four more. I went to the border and heard that there was a standstill with the Hungarians. I don’t know what they are watching and looking for so much,” said the traveler returning to Germany from vacation.

A passenger who waits in a column for several hours to leave Serbia tells a Tanjug reporter that he is going to Germany for about ten days and that this is not the first time this has happened to him.

“I’ve been waiting from 9 am to 1 pm, and I’m not close to the border yet. I remember waiting about fifteen minutes in 2019. This is terrible and I don’t know how and why we came to such situations at the border crossings,” added one. from other passengers.

The situation at the entrance to our country at this border crossing is significantly different compared to the previous weekends, when there was a multi-hour wait here, and now the maximum wait is up to half an hour.

AMSS previously announced that there are more crowds on the way out of the country towards Croatia and Hungary.

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