Use the horoscope to acknowledge when the top of your love affair is approaching!


Find out how a zodiac sign behaves when its relationship is in crisis and its end is near. If you recognize the subtle signs in time, you may find a way to overcome the problem.


Lack of passion If you are having fun with a person born in the sign of Aries, and you notice that he no longer looks at you with a glowing look as before, that should be your first sign of alarm. Lack of passion is mostly the main reason for breaking up with Aries, and you will notice that if your man turns to other women, and if he is a woman, he will flirt with the opposite sex. Also, if he addresses you in a harsh tone, shouts, and has no patience, know that you should ask yourself how strong his emotions are. If Aries decides to leave you, it makes it very clear, and you enter into a new relationship very quickly. Always be maximally groomed, let him be your knight who will fight for you, not you for him.


When he stops caressing you When Taurus loves, he needs to constantly touch his loved one, hold his hand and feel his constant presence. As soon as those little tendernesses disappear, know that it cools down. If he no longer beats you, does not call you in a smooth voice and addresses you by name, not by nickname, it means that his emotions are fading. The bull has a hard time deciding to break up, but once he cuts, that’s for sure. His emotions are greatly affected by material security, so you should not burden him with your financial problems…


Termination of communication Gemini often behaves like children in a relationship, and when the games stop, a smile disappears from his face, and then you should reconsider your relationship. When they lose interest, they don’t even need to communicate and they are no longer so sweet and witty, but very cheeky and rude. This sign is known for its variability, so it can often close in on itself, for no major reason. If he mentions the story of the breakup, wait a bit and don’t grieve right away, it is very likely that he will change his mind and continue the relationship as if nothing had happened. Be cheerful, even if quarrels start, you turn everything into a joke, so they will forget why you quarreled at all.


Lack of romance Cancer is a sign that he very rarely leaves, he experiences every love as fateful. You will notice that your relationship is in crisis by doing everything to annoy you, to leave him, not him. He will complain to you about every little thing, and he will become more and more closed in on himself and fall into a mild depression. He is very romantic, but when there are no emotions, romance is slowly lost. The problem exists if he spends more and more time at home, closed, silent and crying. If you want to keep him by your side, then it is best to start a story about marriage and children. He loves security, so that will stabilize your relationship.


Leo’s dictatorial attitude, as soon as the crisis in the relationship occurs, he will start behaving dictatorially, his demands will be higher and he will provide little. He can be very stubborn and spend more and more time with his friends. Lions are not malicious, they will probably even mention to you a few times that he is bored and eager for fun. So you should try to go out together as often as possible, in a larger company. They want to keep you as a friend even after the breakup. It is very difficult to keep a person like this if your relationship is in crisis. You should talk to her honestly, noting that he is right for everything, it will make you great in his eyes again.


Trifles When a Virgo often starts complaining that she feels bad, about stomach or head pains, you should know that there is something she wants to tell you, and we shouldn’t. These are the first symptoms that your relationship is standing on shaky feet. A virgin can get angry for a trifle, she can cut you off with cynical remarks about your appearance or behavior. Even the emotions completely disappear, Virgo will still wait for the most favorable moment when she will break off the relationship. If you notice things like this, immediately sit down and talk seriously, without twisting, because this may be your last chance to save your relationship.


They will become insensitive to your problems. If your relationship is in crisis, be sure that Libra has already found a reserve. Libra is never alone, it always goes from relationship to relationship. If you notice that your Libra partner is “neglected”, that he does not take care of his appearance in your presence, that should worry you. Also, Vagica, no matter how sweet they are, when there is a problem in a relationship or they are emotionally dissatisfied, they can be unusually cold, insensitive to your every problem. They suddenly become very capricious and expect you to fulfill their every wish. Try to bring back the old moments and romance in the relationship, Libra definitely falls for it.


Lack of intimacy Do not hurt Scorpio in any way, she will wait for the moment when you least hope for revenge. The first sign that your relationship is in crisis is a lack of intimacy, ie sex and passion. Jealousy and constant switching are also warning signs that Scorpio is insecure in their own and your emotions. If you are arguing, it’s not scary, but you should be most worried when Scorpio speaks to you in a calm and cold voice, which means that the decision has already been made. Prevent problems by renewing your passions and giving her a sense of security.


Absence Never question Sagittarius’ sincerity. They are very charming and like to flirt, but that does not mean that he is unfaithful to you, but that he just loves intellectual stimulation and conquest. Do not deny him his freedom, if you do that, you will be left without him. When he is angry, he is very awkward, so avoid quarrels and provocations. When he starts to get cold, he is out of the house, does not pay attention to you and is very “critical”. A relationship crisis can pass quickly if you give it space. It is important that you be free to understand, just like him.


Cold look If Capricorn starts to make you feel guilty for your various actions, makes a greater distance than usual and responds negatively to each of your suggestions, know that he is dissatisfied. He will never tell you that openly, but he wants his cold look. It is very difficult to decide to end the relationship, even when there are very serious problems, and even if you cheat on him, he will get over it, but he will not forget you. You will soften it if you give him a compliment at the right time or shed a few tears.


Leaving without explanation Now imagine this, you have a wonderful relationship, everything works perfectly, but suddenly, like lightning from the clear sky, your partner in the sign of Aquarius no longer appears to you. This will surely happen to you if your relationship falls into crisis. There are no warnings, no words, but Aquarius simply leaves without explanation. Be confident in yourself and support him in every one of his fixed ideas, if you want to keep him by your side. Do not separate him from his friends, but be his friend and partner.


When Pisces shut themselves in, they don’t know how to deal with problems, if there is something that bothers them, they withdraw and seem a little uninterested, and not only for you, but for everyone. They often drown their dissatisfaction in alcohol or enter into a secret relationship. They don’t talk much and they hope that you will telepathically feel how it feels and save them from suffering. If you want to save the relationship, take matters into your own hands and wake him up until it’s too late, with tenderness, attention or some nice trip to exotic places. If you don’t, it will float away from you and simply disappear from your life.

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