The battle between Komšić and Šmit is imminent?

Presidency of Serbia

Željko Komšić

Zeljko Komsic stated that insisting on ethnic legitimacy in the context of the BiH Election Law is a denial of all judgments of the European Court of Human Rights.

– If we start from the premise that only the one who has ethnic legitimacy is legitimate, then the Opinion of the Venice Commission and the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights, which try to eliminate and not spread ethnic discrimination, are derogated – BiH Presidency Chairman Komsic commented on Visoko’s statement Representative in BiH, Kristijan Šmit, that Komšić was “elected more by Bosniaks than Croats as the Croat member of the Presidency of BiH”.

Komsic told Sarajevo’s “Oslobodjenje” that “it is obvious that Schmidt will need more time in BiH to get acquainted with the Dayton Constitution, because what he is talking about does not exist in the Constitution, in order to finally see all the details and complexity of the topic.”

Stating that the High Representative is the supreme interpreter of the Dayton Agreement and that he has the opportunity to change the legislation in BiH under the Bonn powers, he called on Schmidt to impose changes to the Constitution and the Election Law, in the way he thinks necessary, and then “be responsible for the consequences of such an anti-European move. “

Commenting on Schmidt’s statement that Sarajevo is a “Bosniak city”, Komsic said it was a “completely vague statement”.

– From its founding until today, Sarajevo has had a majority Bosniak or Muslim population, so I don’t see why that in itself, or any civilized person, could be disputable, not to mention the problem. Sarajevo is again, at the same time, a multiethnic and cosmopolitan city through the centuries – said Komšić.

The High Representative in BiH, Christian Schmidt, has previously stated that Komsic is the Croat representative in the state presidency, but was elected more by Bosniaks than Croats.

– The fact that the representative of the Croats (Dragan) Covic lost in the confrontation with Komsic shows how complicated the system is – said Schmidt at the meeting called “Euro-Atlantic perspectives of Bosnia and Herzegovina” organized by the German-Atlantic Society in Neustadt an der Ajš.

He said that the Croatian part of the population, which, as he pointed out, was further reduced by emigration, felt insufficiently represented in “complicated state structures”.

– Now the question arises how to organize the right to vote so that the state is not divided into three entities. If that happened, the territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina would be strongly questioned – the High Representative in BiH pointed out.

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