Partizan within the purple earlier than the rematch in Belgrade


The Partizan players lost the first match of the playoffs for the Conference League away from Santa Clara away with the result 2: 1 (1: 0).

The black and whites received both goals too cheaply and the impression is that they did not do too much to make up for it in the attack.

In the return match in seven days, they will have a difficult, but not impossible task to win in front of their fans and choose the passage to the group phase of the newly formed competition.

It is true that Sasa Zdjelar and Danilo Pantic missed Aleksandar Stanojevic’s team a lot, but that does not amnesty the other players for not playing a very important match at the required level.

Mistakes at this level are expensive, and Partizan felt that this evening. We can only hope that the final guild will not be too high after the rematch.

It couldn’t have started worse. Already in the 4th minute, Santa Clara took the lead from a bad setup of the black and whites’ defense. More precisely, Igor Vujacic, who allowed Carlos to crawl behind his back on a five-pointer and defeat Aleksandar Popovic.

Aleksandar Miljković could probably have been more aggressive on Patrick’s cross, but in general, the overall reaction of the defensive line was very bad.

The home team also had one hit bar, after the action from the car when Šćekić was overtaken by Boateng and sent the ball to the goal frame. Vujacic then kicked the ball in front of Carlos.

But, it turned out that Santa Clara did not show anything more than that in the continuation of the halftime, but neither did Partizan, so the Portuguese goalkeeper Fernandez was carefree.

Miloš Jojić had free kicks from his positions on two occasions, but he desperately sent the ball into the living wall.

There was no real action of the Serbian team, except for a few penetrations by Miljković on the right side, but after a good throw-in, his center shots were very bad.

As the first half started, the same was reflected in the second. In the identical fourth minute, a goal was conceded, again with a lukewarm and soft reaction from Vujacic.

He allowed Morita to go around him lightly and hit him through the legs of the Sanicanin, who failed to make up for the failure of his stopper partner.

This time, Partizan managed to respond immediately, and that was Vujacic, who was bad in defense, but very useful in attack.

His national team friend Aleksandar Šćekić assisted with his head, and the stopper also headed the ball into the net for 2: 1.

Sejduba Suma also entered the game and, instead of Partizan continuing to attack and equalizing, after that Santa Clara was more dangerous again.

There was also panic in the ranks of the black and white defense, but Popović somehow survived, so that in the 68th minute, the “steam roller” got the best chance in the match.

Suma was in a chance, Fernandes defended, then Markovic shot, and the ball was kicked out of the goal line.

Ricaro Gomes ran on the new deduction, and Villanueva started sharply with two legs. However, the Dutch judge assessed that there were no elements for a penalty.

And there was a rush that the people of Belgrade could use, especially because the Santa Clara team was visibly worn out and tired. But he did not use the moment until the end.

There are still “active” 2: 1 before the rematch in Humska, but also the impression that Partizan did not do enough to avoid defeat and be more carefree before the rematch. This way, they will have to chase the result and not calculate too much.

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