Netherlands: Courtroom orders authorities to cancel curfew

A Dutch court today ordered the government to immediately cancel the curfew during the night, estimating that there is no legal basis for banning the movement of citizens.

The court order is a blow to the government’s restrictive measures because of Covid, and the leaders of the state often justified the curfew, stating that it is needed to prevent the growth of the number of patients, especially due to the appearance of mutated strains of Covid in that country, Reuters reported.

The news agency estimates that the court sided with the anti-lockdown group, because the government did not explain why it is absolutely necessary to use strict measures in this phase of the pandemic, especially since the number of patients began to decline at the time the night ban was introduced.

In the Netherlands, curfew lasts between 21.00 and 4.30, and last week it was extended until March 3.

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