Nada’s husband responded fiercely to Matović’s public name to have an even bigger hit than Topčagić’s


Vera Matović

There is dust on this Vera’s statement on social networks as well, opinions are divided, fans do not stop commenting

Two songs that were written a long time ago, “Miki, Milane” and “Jutro je” experienced a new flowering.

Vera Matović’s hit has been circulating on social networks for days, children are singing it, while Zlatan Ibrahimović is the most deserving of the new success of Nada Topčagić’s song, who appeared on the stage of San Remo, the famous Italian festival, with her beats.

Their owners also entered the race which track is more successful. Nada says that this is the crown of her career, while Vera pointed out in an interview for Kurir that “Miki, Milane” is more listened to.

– Alas, you are now provoking me with Nada. My song is more popular on the networks than Nadina, they tell me. It is the biggest hit now, I have no competition – said Vera, adding that she would achieve greater success than the Hurricane group at the upcoming Eurovision.

The courier invited Nada to comment on Vera’s statement. However, her husband Zlatko Djordjevic answered her number, who got annoyed when we told him why we called her.

– Nadica is not there, she is walking the dogs and she will not comment on that. As for me, great – let them just comment. Nada won’t comment on that at all, let me tell you.

One can only laugh at Vera’s statement that “Miki Milane” is a bigger hit than “Jutro je”. Hahaha. Do you need a comment here? She has a bigger hit than my Nadice? Haha, she is really crazy, I don’t know what she would say if she said something like that – said Zlatko.

By the way, there was dust around this statement of Vera’s on social networks, where opinions are divided.

– Honestly, Matović is heard more than Nada on Tik-Tok! Nothing without San Remo and Zlatan! Alas, when two grandmothers climb whose chicken is bigger! Kids sing songs, but they don’t know who sings them – which is good – they’re just some of the Lumberjacks on Twitter.

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